Founded 1977

Complete Government Recognition

Educational commitment in honor of the Lord Jesus who was once a child.

Our PRESCHOOL DEPARTMENT prepares students for BASIC EDUCATION teaching them the basics of independence and academic competence in a prepared environment.

The ELEMENTARY AND HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENTS equip its students with the needed competencies for movement to prestigious UNIVERSITIES and a responsive outlook on LIFE.

The HIMC curriculum is anchored on 5 core values of which ALL activities revolve around. - ACADEMIC, ARTS, SPIRITUALITY, SERVICE and ATHLETICS.

History of HIMC

It all started with a young lady's mission in life. This lady was Carmencita "Chit" Hernandez Reyes, who envisioned a progressive society wherein members traced their roots to a disciplined and structured setting, a place recognizing the uniqueness of every individual for self-discovery, appreciation, and self-application, thus forming the foundation of an individual to becoming a pillar of its society.

Summer of 1977, the Holy Infant Montessori Center's (HIMC) flame was lighted under the tutelage of Mrs. Reyes, in a cozy residence in West Triangle. A year later, the HIMC was established in B.F. Homes, Caloocan City.

Consequently, the grade school department was founded in 1983.

1986 was a milestone with the HIMC Preschool garnering Recognition Status from the Department of Education Culture and Sports(DECS). This was followed by complete Elementary Courses being recognized in 1988.

School year 1992, the torch of leadership was passed on to Mr. Gerard H. Reyes, with a responsive and dynamic outlook that children can indeed maximize their potentials in a loving, caring, independent but adult-directed setting.

After four years, school year 1996, HIMC committed itself deeper to its vision by opening a High School Department and responding to the call of the times by integrating computer education in its offerings.

Year 2004 marked the expansion of the main building. Also, HIMC was awarded Recognition Status by the Department of Education.

Truly, HIMC had its humble beginnings. And today, as HIMC celebrates its 33rd year, we are proud to say that, in HIMC, we have been committed and we shall continue to be committed as we make our flame burn brighter in the years to come.